Right Heart Failure

The Procedure


The Impella RP® Heart Pump is a Standard of Care for Right Heart Failure

  • First and only U.S. FDA-approved and CE-approved percutaneous right ventricular (RV) assist device on the market
  • Inserted percutaneously through the femoral vein using standard catheterization techniques
  • Delivers blood from inferior vena cava to pulmonary artery
  • Reduces right ventricular workload, decreasing central venous pressure (CVP) and increasing cardiac index (CI)

Impella RP Heart Pump Support for Univentricular Shock and Hemodynamics-Based Decision-Making Process

Navin Kapur, MD, presents a case of univentricular shock illustrating a hemodynamics-based decision-making process leading to optimal patient outcome.


Right Heart Hemodynamics Key to Recognizing Need for Biventricular Support with Impella RP and Impella CP® Heart Pump

Daniel Burkhoff, MD, PhD, walks through a HARVI simulation case illustrating the use of Impella RP and Impella CP for biventricular failure.