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The Heart of the Matter: Best Practices in Cardiogenic Shock

Prof Norman Mangner, M.D., discusses the key messages of “From Patient Selection to Escalation Strategies: Mechanical Circulatory Support in Cardiogenic Shock” published in the European Heart Journal Supplements.

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The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter: Best Practice Approach on High-Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

“The Heart of the Matter: Best practice approach on high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention” is a publication of 8 articles addressing patient management and mechanical circulatory support (MCS) related to protected, high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

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Protected PCI

Learn more about protected PCI.

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Surgical Applications

Learn more about surgical applications for Impella® heart pumps.

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AMI Cardiogenic Shock

Learn more about Impella® heart pumps and cardiogenic shock.

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Right-sided Heart Failure

Learn more about Impella® RP and right-sided heart failure.

Native Heart and Lung Recovery

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Conditions & Therapies

Access education, clinical evidence and practice support for Protected PCI, AMI cardiogenic shock, right heart failure, surgical applications and severe lung failure.

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Products & Services

Learn about the latest technology and how that technology may best support your patient.

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Education & Resources

Abiomed provides a comprehensive training program for health care providers.

Joint EAPCI/ACVC Expert Consensus Document

on percutaneous ventricular assist devices


  1. Schrage et al: Timing of Active LV Unloading in VA-ECMO. JACC : HeartFailure V O L . -, NO. -, 2022.