Protected PCI

The Procedure

Protected PCI Enables Safe and Effective Treatment of High-Risk and Complex Patients

Benefits of Protected PCI include:

  • Improved outcomes through complete revascularization and reduction of repeat and staged procedures5
  • Improvement in ejection fraction and heart failure symptoms1
  • Significant reduction in the overall incidence of post-procedural acute kidney injury (AKI)2
  • Fewer hypotensive events during the procedure1
  • Reduction in peri-procedural MI and post-procedural MACCE3
  • Treatment options for patients ineligible for surgery4
  • Reduction in length of stay6

Interview with Prof. Jan-Malte Sinning: Optimal Revascularization Strategies During Protected PCI

Prof. Dr. Jan-Malte Sinning discusses optimal revascularization strategies during protected high-risk procedures with Impella® heart pumps.

Unlocking Precision in Protected PCI: A Deep Dive into Pre-Procedural Imaging, Vascular Guidance and Bail Out Management

Workflow for pre-procedural clinical workups for protected PCI

Standardized Pre-Procedural Clinical Workup for Protected PCI

This article describes pre-procedural preparation, with a particular focus on imaging techniques for screening and guiding vascular access in patients undergoing Protected PCI.

Heart imaging in form of echocardiography and fluoroscopy

Specific Clinical Vignettes in High-Risk Protected Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

This article presents 3 case vignettes that provide practical insights and reinforce best practices. The authors emphasize that several cardiac and patient-related factors come into play when considering patients for Protected percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Abstract figure of vascular system

Optimal Bail-Out and Complication Management Strategies in Protected High-Risk PCI

In this article the authors describe techniques for Impella removal with or without pre-closure and discuss how to prevent and manage complications associated with large-bore femoral access.


Read more about the procedural steps for the single-access technique that enables one access site for both the Impella CP® and an additional catheter.

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