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Christophe Vandenbriele: Anticoagulation Challenges in Patiens Supported with Impella® Heart Pumps

Christophe Vandenbriele: Anticoagulation Challenges in Patiens Supported with Impella® Heart Pumps

Dr. Pal Soos interviews Prof. Dr. Christophe Vandenbriele. Prof. Dr. Vandenbriele recently published several articles on management of patients with percutaneous mechanical circulatory support (MCS). In this 3-part series, he discusses anticoagulation management in patients supported with Impella® heart pumps.

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CAMP was developed by physicians for physicians in an effort to respond to a growing crisis in coronary artery disease and heart failure. Dedicated to improving interventional cardiologists patient outcomes and quality of life with supported high-risk PCI by utilizing best practices, techniques and technologies to enable safer, more effective and complete revascularization.

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