Patient Identification, Protected PCI

Rollout of the PROTECT IV Trial at Dresden Heart Center

The focus of the interview between Charles Simonton, MD, and Prof. Norman Mangner, MD, is an update on the PROTECT IV trial in light of the investigator meeting at the EuroPCR in Paris in May 2022.

In his introduction, Charles Simonton emphasizes the first year of the trial has been all about enrolling the study sites and supporting them in their screening and enrollment processes. Currently, 42 sites are part of the PROTECT IV trial - that number will reach 50 by the end of May.

The goal for the coming year, based on former learnings, is to optimize the screening and enrollment process. To that end, Charles Simonton, MD, welcomes Prof. Norman Mangner, MD, to share his insights on the following key topics:

  • What are the key factors for a successful study rollout?
  • The heart team - the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration for the screening process
  • Collaboration in the cath lab - What role does good communication play in a holistic screening process?
  • Patient flow in high-volume centers - The role of referring physicians

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